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Intelligent Solutions for a Greener Planet

Welcome to greenHouse Gas and Electric, your home for renewable energy system monitoring and management solutions.  greenHouse Gas and Electric provides system monitoring and management products for systems from 200 to 50,000 watts in capacity.

The greenHouse Gas and Electric Advantage

Our monitoring solutions are flexible, allowing us to customize a solution to meet your Renewable Energy System needs, whether it is a low-power remote monitoring site or a medium size commercial power plant.  Our products are currently in use around the world, providing highly-available, robust, full-featured monitoring in a low-power package.

Our solutions can be used in a stand-alone configuration, with all data stored on the monitoring device itself, or as part of a larger managed solution, with data stored on remote servers.  We also offer 24/7 monitoring services on our servers located in Austin, TX.  For customers who require their own central monitoring solution, the greenMonitor Site Edition software allows installers or owners of multiple Renewable Energy Systems to establish their own central monitoring solution.

Originally founded as greenHouse Computers, greenHouse Gas and Electric has provided monitoring and management software and hardware to system owners around the world.  Based in Austin, TX we have a growing network of distributors, including business partners in Africa and Asia.  We're committed to making advanced system monitoring and management products available at an affordable price.  We use our experience with low power computing to provide advanced features with minimum power consumption.

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